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Enrollment Services FileMaker Links

Links to all Enrollment Services FileMaker applications
Start Enrollment Services FileMaker Links

  • This Task has been designed for use by Staff. For Staff
FileMaker application links
All require installation of FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 or Go 17 or later.
  • ES Resources
  • FMServer Sample
  • Academic Evaluation: AcademicEvaluation
  • NextSteps: Admissions Applications, Intent to Enroll, Orientation
  • NextSteps Archive
  • NextSteps to SQL: NextSteps2SQL
  • PSTranslata: PeopleSoft and other translation and articulation tables
  • Test Scores: TestScores. Test score staging search-match reconciliation and request system.
Operations & Imaging
  • Document Tracking: DocuTrack
  • EDI Transcripts: EDITranscripts
  • NoLedge: NolijWeb archive
Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations
  • Candidacy & Graduation: CandiGrad
  • Graduation Worksheet: GraduationWorksheet. Shows graduation requirements, prints or sends PDF by email. 
  • Schol-Aid
  • WorkStudy
  • AIR Warehouse: AIRWarehouse
  • Enrollment Backfile: EnrollmentBackfile
  • Enrollment Verification: Enrollment_Verification. Generates student enrollment verification printouts.
  • PRCFileRoom: PRCFileRoom. Permanent record card transcript archive.
  • Registrar Manual: RegistrarManual
  • Reinstatement
  • SIS: Legacy student information system tables
  • Subpoenas
  • Transcript Request: Transcript_Request
  • Support Requests: SupportRequests
Testing Office
  • Testing Office: TestingOffice
Veterans Resource Center
  • VA Certification: VACert.


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